Welcome to Plush #2

Written By: Dan Freeman, Editor-in-Chief - Apr• 01•11
Clint Eastwood as Dirty Harry in Front of the Famous Plush Cafe, by Daniel W. Freeman in 2010 ( Painting #3 of Triptych, ‘Shootout at the Plush Cafe’, © DanielWFreeman, 2010).

Editorial of sorts by Daniel Freeman All Fools Day 2011

Welcome to the new format of Plush!

We here at Plush are delighted to welcome Tom Savage as a new contributing editor of Poetry, Linda Peer as contributing editor of Arts and Letters, and Barbara Rosenthal as contributing editor of Everything Else, other than what Ron Kolm has done as an unofficial contributing editor of poetry, art, and carrying on (as opposed to taking out).  Of course these new developments will not affect the present state of the magazine (though Ron Kolm’s and Tom Savage’s efforts were truly magnificent for this edition and are greatly appreciated).

PlushNY is continuing on with the incorporation of video into the publication, because, like the Matterhorn, it is there, and not including something that is so pervasive would be foolhardy. This has led us to include the March 2011 news stories without commentary  that have contributed to the ongoing zeitgeist that provides the historical background during which this current crop of artists and writers included here created their work.

We are encouraging a free commentary by readers at this time in blog format. Being in this format permits a consistent opportunity to continue construction from time to time. In this way we are hopeful that readers will be encouraged to return to this site to look for new and refreshing additions.

This means that new contributors will be added until the editors are satisfied with the completion of the cycle for the volumes in an ongoing manner – making this magazine a kind of free form blog that is always changing, and interactive.


Finally, one of the newest developments in this mediazine is the creation of Plush New York Junior (http://plushnyjr.com), which is made for kids by kids. Created by Travis Freeman, a precocious seventh grader, this magazine will include poetry, art, literature, puzzles and games. We encourage readers to visit this site. As well PlushNY.com is always looking for work by emerging and mid-career artists, poets, writers and video makers ( and kids) who might want to contribute. All enquiries should be addressed to content@plushny.com.